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Chris Buckland

 Certified Inspector  





PINNACLE HOME INSPECTION offers extremely competitive rates for our home and property inspection services. No two homes are the same and we offer many types of inspections. Actual rates depend on several factors:

The square-footage of the home, building, or structure;

The age of the home, building, or structure;

The amount of time required to be on-site;

The types of specialized inspections being performed; and

The type and thoroughness of the report being requested (based on the type of inspection being performed).

 Discounts are given on combined inspections.       


A typical inspection of a 2,500 square foot home costs about $300.00 though various factors (such as those named above) could cause the fee to increase or decrease. Regardless of the inspection fee, you can rest assured that PINNACLE HOME INSPECTION charges a fair and ethical rate.

You are getting more than a look around...

You will have understanding of your home that will give you peace of mind. My job is more than just inspecting I want to inform you of safety hazards and other conditions that may cause you harm or possibly a great expense that could be stopped now with little or no cost  Buying a  home is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make. Invest in a quality certified inspection

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