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Chris Buckland

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The cost of a certified professional home inspection is minor compared to the thousands of dollars in repairs that it will save. This inspection is requested by the buyer before the home is purchased. This is a thorough non-invasive inspection of all the major components of the home to help the buyer make an informed decision. Having buyer’s (pre-purchase) inspection can insure that there will be no surprises after moving in. This also gives the buyer information to use in negotiating price or terms of repairing before the closing.


This inspection, done before or while your home is listed, can insure that your contract will not fall through after an agreement has been reached due to the buyer’s home inspection finding problems. This is a thorough inspection consisting of the same components as the Buyer’s Inspection. Let Pinnacle Home Inspection find the problems now so that they can be corrected, preventing that long awaited offer from falling through in the end. Buyers are more attracted to homes that have been pre-inspected. Finding these pre-inspected homes saves buyers time and gives them peace of mind that the deal will go through smoothly.


Infrared thermography uses thermal imaging to locate energy loss, moisture, and faulty wiring inside of a structure that cannot be seen by a visual inspection.


Pinnacle Home Inspection is certified by The Center for Basic Applied Science to perform Mold Sampling tests. Mold can cause a variety of health issues from neurological damages to common problems such as allergies and asthma. Mold testing has now become standard procedure in real estate transactions.


The EPA recommends that all homes should be tested for radon gas. Pinnacle Home Inspection is certified by the National Radon Safety Board to perform radon tests. We use only the most accurate methods of radon testing; all of our equipment is yearly calibrated in an independent laboratory in accordance with the NRSB. Other methods of testing can produce highly inaccurate results; do not let just anyone test your home for radon.


If high levels of radon have been found in your home it can be lowered. Pinnacle Home Inspection is certified by the National Radon Safety Board to install Radon Mitigation systems. Having a mitigation system properly installed can reduce radon to acceptable levels according to the EPA standards.


Investigative Inspections are most often used by homeowners who suspects a problem may exist. Pinnacle Home Inspection is available to call if you are unsure what is causing an unusual odor or sound, or if your home has recent storm damage. Your home can give you signs that something is wrong, Pinnacle Home Inspection can come out and identify those problems before they get worse.


Pinnacle Home Inspection can perform various tests on your home’s well water, detecting contaminants such as: Bacteria, Alkalinity, Lead, Manganese, Hardness, ph, Iron, Turbidity, Nitrate, and Nitrite. If your home has been tested for radon and has returned a high concentration, your water should also be tested for radon.


Septic system dye testing is performed on homes with private septic systems. The dye is used to find leaks in drainage lines as well as the outdoor field lines. Before buying a home one should have the septic system tested to insure that there are no hidden problems that can be costly to repair. Homeowners may also want to test their septic systems if they are currently experiencing problems or as preventative maintenance.

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