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Chris Buckland

 Certified Inspector  




About Us

Pinnacle Home Inspection is more than just a business card or an on line certificate.  I have 32 years of home building experience with actual hands on experience in virtually every aspect of the building industry. I have an indebt understanding of  the integral makeup and the structural engineering of a home or building, so that I may provide you with a thorough report of your home and it's components."  

"When my inspection is complete, you will have real knowledge of your home, showing you how to maintain and keep it, a healthy and safe place to dwell in.  Your home is one of your greatest investments, the cost of a good inspection is just pennies, compared to to the lose property value that can accrue from structural damage or health issues, that might arise from only a small problem. A problem that could have been caught and corrected from the beginning."

Qualification and Training

Tennessee Home Inspectors License # 0866

  National Radon Safety Board certifications

 Radon Measurement Specialist, MRSB#1055007

 Radon Mitigation Specialist, MRSB#10G007

           Center for Basic and Applied Science Certificate

 Identification and Measurement of Indoor Mold Training Course

  Member of:

International Association or Certified Indoor Air Consultants

International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

National Radon Safety Board

   Continuing Education Courses

Green Building

Radon Measurement Service Provider

Mold Inspection

How to inspect for Moisture Intrusion

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